At RedEdge Fitness we believe that getting and staying fit has to be fun whilst also challenging you, so we offer a wide variety of classes designed to make you work hard whilst having fun.

Our sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, every session is multi-layered to ensure you are challenged whatever your fitness level. Whether you want the intense blast of a tough Metafit HIIT session, the stress busting boxing workout Boxercise, or the high octane cardio GroupSparring workout we have a session for everyone.

Take a look at our classes below to learn a little more about what we offer or check our the videos in our Gallery.

Class  Description  Price
Metafit The original 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout. Simple exercises using just bodyweight exercises means we get stronger, leaner and fitter faster. Scientifically proven to set you metabolism on fire Metafit keeps burning calories up to 24hrs after you finish the workout. This is a tough workout but is suitable for all levels due to the wide range of options in each session. Metafit- it’s tough!!! That why it works!!! £3 per person  PAYG

£15 for 6 classes pay in advance

Boxercise The worlds No 1 Boxing Inspired Fitness Class. Using pads and gloves we combine punches, kicks, bodyweight exercises and cardio interval training to give you an all over body workout. Need to blow off some steam? Boxercise is the perfect stress reliever. Suitable for all fitness levels  £27 for block of 6 classes
Boxercise for Kids Boxercise is a great class for kids from 9-16yrs old. As well as learning correct boxing technique, it can really help with teaching them discipline and teamwork. Boxercise is especially beneficial for kids with high energy levels and those don’t enjoy traditional team sports £4 per person  PAYG

Group Sparring
A fantastic high energy boxing concept developed by the Italian Boxing Fitness Federation and now available in the UK. We love the real punching with pads in Boxercise but we love the music from classes like Body Combat. In GroupSparring we mix both to create a boxing workout to music that will leave you on a massive high after every class. Shaun is the only qualified GroupSparring instructor in Hertfordshire you won’t find this class anywhere else £27 for block of 6 classes
metapwr-logo.jpg Combining cardio, bodyweight, resistance and core training this workout takes your HIIT workout to the next level. Using Battle Ropes, Sand Bags, Slam Balls and Kettlebells we bring the PWR to your workout £27 for block of 6 classes
 iu-2  Pound is the worlds first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious energising and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums

Using Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercise Pound transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out

Designed for all fitness level Pound provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energised improving your health and rocking out.


Are you ready to find your inner Rockstar?




 £30 for block of 6 classes or £6 PAYG