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Welcome to RedEdge Fitness

We hope you find something interesting on our site and come along to join one of our classes. People are often scared of coming along to Group Fitness classes, they worry about if they will be able to do it, that the class will be full of super-fit, skinny people who will judge them. The truth is the first few times you go you might feel like you will never get it but we all felt like that but like most things in life a little bit of practise means you will soon be up there with the best of them. The great thing about Group Exercise is it is far less judgemental than the gym environment, everyone is too busy concentrating on their own workout to worry about your technique, outfit or love handles. You will find encouragement, motivation and even friendship from working out with a group, it will make you want to come back week after week even when the sofa and TV are calling. Take the plunge book a class today, meet great people, get fit, have fun.